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Placing an ad in Illinois Country Living? Great! We’d love to represent your product or service in our magazine. We’ve placed a full list of ad rates and information below.

Illinois Country Living magazine’s readership covers a large section of the state. Twenty Illinois electric cooperatives supply Illinois Country Living magazine to their members each month. With a circulation in excess of 190,000, Illinois Country Living is the largest downstate publication in Illinois.

Shaded areas represent areas served by Illinois Country Living.

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Downloadable Media Kit

We Can Build Your Ad

Submitting Ads to ICL

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Downloadable Media Kit

For more information about our readership demographics, ad sizes, rates, submission deadlines and guidelines, download our media kit:

2014 Media Kit (1.1 MB PDF)


We Can Build Your Ad

Illinois Country Living magazine’s staff of professional graphic designers can create a top-quality ad for your business. For first time advertisers there is no charge for creating an ad if all artwork to be used is furnished by the advertiser. Please send us the following information:

A note detailing size and placement of ad.

Payment for advertisement.

The wording of your ad.

Any artwork you would like to include.

Any layout ideas you may have.

Contact name, phone number, address and e-mail address.

Upon request, we can provide a sample of the ad for your review before publishing.


How to Submit Your Ad

If your ad is small enough and you have a high speed internet connection, you can submit your ads via E-mail:

Please include your name and ad title in the subject line.

Ads exceeding 10 Mb in file size should be mailed to AIEC on CD or DVD. Be sure to have read the information in the downloadable media kit before submitting your ad.


Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format)

This is our preferred format for file transfer. The best results we have seen are when these files are generated using Acrobat Distiller.

We have created a custom Job Options file that you can use to distill your ICL ads before sending them to us.

Download Job Options file >>> ICL_ads.joboptions

Click on the “ICL Distiller Job Options” link and save the file to your computer.

Place the “ICL_ads.joboptions” file in the following location on your computer:

For Windows users: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 5.0\Distiller\Settings

For Mac users: Adobe Acrobat – Distiller – Settings

If you do not have Acrobat Distiller and are using the export filters in a page layout program, use the “Press” Job Option setting in your PDF export.

In the dialog for fonts make sure the “Embed All Fonts” setting is checked and the “Subset Embedded Fonts” box is unchecked.

If you do not have the “Embed All Fonts” option in your program, set your font subset to 100 percent. This will minimize any text re-flow problems when the file is sent to our image setter.




Please only upload high resolution pdf's. Jpeg and Tiff files are able to be uploaded as well but may not be acceptable print quality. We will review all files and evaluate their ability to be printed.


Advertising Contact Information  

Brandy Riley

For general questions about advertising in Illinois Country Living magazine.

Phone: (217) 241-7953
Mail to:
Illinois Country Living
Attn: Brandy Riley
P.O. Box 3787
Springfield, IL 62708

For Availability and Placement, contact:

Sandy Wolske: Advertising Coordinator

For information about space availability, pricing and print scheduling.
Phone: (217) 241-7945
Mail to:
Illinois Country Living
Attn: Sandy Wolske
P.O. Box 3787
Springfield, IL 62708