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The Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives salutes …

In the late 1920s, Illinois Farm Bureau members realized the need for reliable, affordable fuel for their new tractors. They joined together to form the first predecessor cooperatives of today’s GROWMARK system. When it started out, GROWMARK had nine participating counties. The success of the cooperation led the original nine and the leaders of the Illinois Agricultural Association (now known ...Read More


Calling all youth turkey hunters

Turn off the television and video games and grab your turkey call; there are more places for young turkey hunters to go hunting this coming spring! The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) has a new program, Illinois Recreational Access Program (IRAP) which leases property from private landowners to provide for more places for youth turkey hunting. With a three-year ...Read More


Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives …

He was just a little boy in a cowboy hat leaning on the wooden rails of a sale barn, watching farm animals being sold to the highest bidder. Little did he know he was watching a cooperative in action, a group of farmers, which for the good of individual businesses, had come together to do business as one. That same ...Read More


Booming in Illinois

Renowned speaker Jack Schultz, who authored Boomtown USA in 2004, says a number of small Illinois towns have revitalized their economies and made themselves more appealing in recent years. The book, which pinpoints what Schultz coins 7 ½ keys to big success in small towns, has enjoyed a high profile status among community leaders looking to develop local economies and ...Read More