Energy Solutions

A home as a system

Are you unhappy with the ­“performance” of your home? Do you have cold floors, cold rooms, your home feels drafty, high humidity in the ­summertime, low humidity in the winter or just high ­utility bills? Before you pick up the phone to invite ­someone into your home to sell you something you think you need, […]

High efficiency air filters

We all would like to think we spend our hard earned money wisely. We put time and effort into researching ­products and services to make sure we are getting the best value for our dollar, but good value does not always mean buying the cheapest. Sometimes we can spend a little more and get more […]

Ensuring high quality energy efficiency work

By Patrick Keegan Dear Pat: I want to make my home more energy efficient, but some of the work needed is more than I can do by myself. When I’m hiring contractors to do these projects, how can I be sure that the work is of good quality? – Jerry C. Dear Jerry: The good […]

How to clean refrigerator coils

Your refrigerator is one of the largest, most-used appliances in your home. It requires only minimal maintenance – just simple cleaning of the condenser coils, which disperse heat. If the coils are covered with dust, gunk or pet hair, they cannot diffuse the heat properly and will not run efficiently. A bigger problem can result […]

How to choose efficient appliances

By TJ Kirk It’s never a good day when you realize you need to replace a large appliance in your home. However, when the unfortunate time comes, be sure to take a moment and consider what you will purchase – especially for appliances that haven’t been replaced in a number of years, as the technology […]

America mobilizes for energy efficiency

April 22 will mark the 45th celebration of Earth Day. The rallies and marches in the spring of 1970 called for more attention to protecting the environment. If you measure the success of that cause by greater energy efficiency, the results have been remarkable and the future holds great promise. Here are a few examples […]

Ventilation: how much is enough?

To answer the question how much ventilation is enough, we first need to understand why we need ventilation. Just to be clear, the “ventilation” I am referring to is mechanical ­ventilation. Although, opening a window is ­ventilation as well. Mechanical ventilation would include your bathroom exhaust fan and kitchen range hood. We call this local […]

Can my home be too tight?

No, a home cannot be too tight. However, a tightly constructed home without a planned and measured ­ventilation strategy is a recipe for ­disaster! I have seen this many times. The tighter the home, the more important the mechanical ventilation. It’s common sense. People get into trouble when they ignore the “V” in HVAC. Having […]

How to detect the silent killer in your home

What if I told you that baking ­cookies could be bad for your health, would you believe me? Along with the wonderful aroma of fresh baked ­cookies wafting throughout the home could also be carbon monoxide (CO). I can tell you first hand, you will never know when you are overcome with CO. In my […]