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Hard Drive

Are you protected?

Richard Beutel writes: “I read your article in Illinois Country Living and have a question. Currently, I have two automatic backups using Goodsync software – one is on a three minute delay to a portable hard drive, and the second backs up once a week to a hard drive on my Linksys router and shows […]


Not too long ago a friend of mine called me and said he had clicked on something he shouldn’t have. Suddenly there was a message on the screen claiming all the files on his computer were now encrypted and to get the files back, a large sum of money would need to be paid promptly […]

How to spot a scam

In just a few easy steps, you too can become a millionaire! If you follow these simple instructions, and pay a low monthly price of $29.95, you will be on your way to turning your life around! Sound too good to be true? How about this one? Hello sir/ma’am, this is your electric utility calling […]

Routine maintenance

According to most automobile manufacturers, you should follow these general recommendations for regularly scheduled maintenance. Every 3,000-7,000 miles the oil and oil filter should be replaced. Every 15,000-30,000 replace the air filter and the fuel filter, and inspect brake pads. Every 35,000-50,000 miles replace the spark plugs and spark plug wires. For the most part, […]

Track it

“I’m not lost, I’m right where I’m standing” is one of my favorite quotes from Winnie the Pooh. Are you forgetful? There’s a new technology that is making its way into the hands of many. Over the last couple of years, we have seen several small, key fob sized tracking devices hit the market. These […]

Simplifying your digital photo storage

There are some tasks that can be downright terrifying when it comes to technology. One of those is photo management. After all, our photos are one of the most precious files we keep. I have even found myself struggling with this task from time to time as devices come and go and space to store […]

LOOK! A Pikachu

I won’t make a habit of writing columns on video games, however with all the craze revolving around Pokémon Go and some legitimate concerns, I thought it would be appropriate to inform readers. As of now, Pokémon Go has been released to 26 different countries. Although some Russian websites publish content claiming this is a […]

Drones Among Us

You wake up in the morning, grab your cup of coffee, and dash out the door. While walking to your vehicle, you’re numb to the sound of the buzzing propellers coming from the delivery drone that just dropped off a package at your neighbor’s house. Is this our future? I’d like to take a moment […]


Fitbit, Apple Watch, Jawbone Up, Moov Now, Pebble, and the list of wearable technology goes on and on. What do they do? Why would I want one? Can they really help me live a better, healthier lifestyle? These are all questions that I hear asked when the topic of smart watches or fit bands come […]

Helping others helps you and other parting words of advice

It has been six years since I began writing this column. During that time, I have had the pleasure of interacting with many of you outside the confines of this page. In fact, there were times when so many of you responded, I had a very difficult time keeping up! I have to say I […]