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Winmail.dat no more

It has been a few months since I answered your questions in print. Rest assured though, I do my best to answer the e-mails and comments received on icl.coop. As a reminder, you can always log on there and leave a comment to any of these columns. They do all reach me, and I’m happy […]

Scam alert warning

You see sophisticated “hackers” in the news almost daily now. In fact, just recently there were several healthcare databases hacked, compromising the health records of millions of people worldwide. Large retailers have also made the headlines recently, with attacks like the one on Target in which a group stole 40 million credit card numbers and […]

DropBox to the rescue

Electricity and water don’t mix. Pretty basic, I know. And, I bet you already knew that. I had the “opportunity” to know it from more than just an academic standpoint recently. After a day trip to Springfield, we returned home to find more than five inches and twenty-five hundred gallons of water in our basement. […]

Always on tech is silently wasting energy

Typically, this column focuses on technology with only minor deviations here and there to discuss other similar topics. But, under all of that technology lies a driving force that provides the power behind what we have come to know as the modern age. I’m writing, of course, about electricity. And, in an effort to better […]

Keeping malware from biting you

It’s been a few months since I answered reader questions in print. Don’t worry, though! I still try to answer as many as possible that are e-mailed and/or left on the website. There are times when I just can’t get to them all, or when a situation is too complicated for an answer without first […]

Saving energy and money with a smart phone

Hopefully you had a merry Christmas. I’m betting that many of you received some kind of electronic gadget as a present. I know there were quite a few of them in my own household. For those of you who received a smart phone as a gift, I wanted to take a moment and point out […]

A smart plan for landing today’s tech jobs

Recently, I attended a unique event in Effingham. The purpose of the event was to bring together manufacturers and educational institutions with the goal of aligning available jobs with school programs. Now, usually I take time in this column to focus on computer issues, or even “how-to” technology advice, but if you will forgive me […]

Facebook security and privacy continued

Last month we ended the conversation on Facebook security settings with a discussion of the code generator. If you missed last month, then take a moment and visit www.icl.coop and click on Powered Up to get caught up. Otherwise, you may find yourself slightly lost this month. At any rate, once you decide whether or […]

Facebook security and privacy settings

It has been awhile since this column discussed Facebook security settings. With all the cloud security talk going on these days, it’s probably a good time to revisit the subject. After all, Facebook seems to change the way its interface works on a regular basis. First, you should know Facebook categorizes security and privacy as […]

Cloud caution

Last month, you read about how the “cloud” was not something to fear. In fact, you probably use cloud services right now. Like most issues though, there are two sides to the story. While you shouldn’t fear using cloud-based services and storage, you should in fact exercise some caution. This month, we will take a […]