Safety & Health

Powering up after a winter storm

In the dead of winter layers upon layers of ice can collect on trees and spread slowly over power lines. One inch of ice on a single span of electric wire weighs as much as 1,250 pounds – a force capable of causing far more damage than wind as the weight drives tree branches and […]

Car tire on snowy road

What’s in your winter driving survival kit?

During the mild weather, being stranded on the side of the road is an inconvenience. But during the cold, dark days of winter, having your car break down in a remote area can be dangerous, or even life threatening. Before you head out in your vehicle, especially when winter weather threatens, make sure it’s in […]

Turkey Fryer Fire

Tips for making your Thanksgiving dinner safer

As families and friends gather over the holidays, food is often a big part of the equation. From ­stuffing to ­brining to leftovers, everyone has a ­favorite Thanksgiving menu. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires. The average ­number of fires on Thanksgiving more than […]

Electrical safety all a matter of awareness

When Indiana ­teenagers Lee Whittaker and Ashley Taylor saw an electric co-op-­sponsored power line safety demon­stration at their high school, they never expected to ­actually put their new knowledge to the test. But less than a week later, the two ­experienced a close call with a downed power line. “I could have lost my life […]

The preparation and the heroes that help keep us safe

Severe thunderstorms, ­tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes can cause devas­tation to lives, homes, ­businesses, and communities. On top of which, these storms can cause the power to go out for extended periods of time. Being prepared for a severe storm and ­knowing what to do in its aftermath can mean the difference between ­survival and a […]

Jump into action

Growing up with a stay at home dad, I learned a lot of skills most girls do not learn from their fathers. He taught me how to ride a bike and how to read, how to do laundry, put a ­hammer to a nail, cut ­firewood, and the value of hard work. You could say […]

Beat the extreme heat during power outages

A summer storm can mean power ­outages during high ­temperatures, ­creating safety issues related to ­keeping cool. Take steps to be ­prepared for a prolonged ­outage ­during summer heat and know how to weather it safely. To get power restored as soon as ­possible, call your electric ­cooperative to report the outage. “High winds and […]

Professional contractor and electrical accident survivor shares message on safe digging

When rushed for time, many of us have cut corners when it comes to safety—whether it be driving too fast or hurriedly trying to finish weekend chores and projects around the home. It could even involve taking a chance with electricity when we know it’s not a smart move. “You may get by with it […]

Thunderstorm safety tips from the American Red Cross

When thunderstorms are rolling your way, stay safe with these helpful tips from the American Red Cross: Listen to local news or NOAA Weather Radio for emergency updates. Watch for signs of a storm, like darkening skies, ­lightning flashes or increasing wind. Postpone outdoor activities if thunderstorms are likely to occur. Many people struck by […]