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Orchids: An outstanding indoor plant

Last month we discussed unusual ways of growing indoor house plants in terrariums, dish gardens and string gardens but, in my opinion, there is no more beautiful indoor plant than the orchid. I hear from many gardeners that they are scared to grow orchids but, in reality, they shouldn’t be. Orchids are long-lasting flowering plants […]

Terrariums: For the gardener who forgets to water

Gardening trends seem to come and go, but growing houseplants will always be a staple in the garden world. What changes though, are the ­different methods of growing these types of tropical plants. Gone is the traditional rubber plant in a wicker basket with moss. In come trendy dish gardens, terrariums, and even kokedama (bet […]

Spruce up your home with winter greens

Evergreens pack a nice punch of interest in the garden landscape. They provide a pop of green foliage in the winter when everything else in the landscape is without leaves or winter interest. For this gardener though, evergreens are more than just for landscape use. Evergreens are a source of greens for holiday ­decorating. I plant […]

Man watering geraniumus

Bringing outdoor plants inside for the winter

As the days get shorter and the threat of frost begins to near, it becomes time for gardeners to bring any plants worth saving indoors. Whether that means the houseplants we put on the patio for the summer, or the geraniums we want to try and overwinter for next year. A question comes up from […]

Top ten garden tasks to do this fall

When fall rolls around, it is easy to just be done with ­gardening for the ­season. You’ve worked all season long to water, weed and keep things looking great, and the idea of more gardening may not sound so enticing ­anymore. Don’t give up yet. There are ­numerous fall ­gardening activities that can be completed […]

Add edibles to your fall container gardens

Summer is a busy time for ­gardeners, and as a result, many of us fail to think about what we could plant for a fall vegetable garden ­harvest, or to provide color to our fall landscapes. If you are one of these gardeners, growing colorful fall ­vegetable transplants in ­containers could be an ideal option. […]

Color your home with cut flowers

As gardeners, many of us like to relax in the backyard, ­taking time to enjoy the fruits of our labor and the ­beautiful flowers. We often though do not think about how easily we could bring those ­flowers indoors to enjoy in a vase. Many showy flowers, grasses and ­foliages can be interplanted into your […]

Garden gone awry?

Aggressive, ­invasive, and my ­personal ­favorite, a garden thug are all terms commonly used by gardeners to describe those garden peren­nials that tend to overtake their intended areas. It all starts with good ­intention. Usually it’s a garden friend who wants to share a ­division of a plant they have an abundance of, or a […]

Four final seeds of wisdom

Gardening is one of those ­hobbies that is never the same, at least not in Illinois. Every season brings something different from the ­previous year, which is why it’s fun and ­somewhat annoying for those who like predictability. Yet, gardening shouldn’t be ­predictable. If it becomes too routine, it can lead to monotony. Frustrations abound, […]

Know what to look for when selecting plants

A trip to the garden center is ­similar to a trip to the candy store. There are so many wonderful treats to tempt the senses, from fanciful colors to fantastic forms to appealing fragrances, and occasionally some you want to rub against your face. While the onset of spring can be defined when the first […]