Standard will lower energy use from external power supplies

A final rule from DOE that imposes new energy standards for external power supplies (EPS) was published in the Federal Register on Feb. 10. The final rule, which goes into effect Feb. 10, 2016, builds upon EPS standards from 2007. DOE estimates the new standards will lead to power savings roughly the equivalent of the […]

Electricity prices in Illinois likely to increase

Electricity prices are likely going up in Illinois according to Mark Pruitt an energy consultant and ­former Director of the Illinois Power Agency. Pruitt says current prices are ­unsustainable. “Market participants will change how they operate in order to improve profitability,” he says. “In July, Exelon Corp. announced that it would purchase Integrys Energy Services […]

Farmers support nonprofits in Illinois

To honor and support the ­tradition of service ­organizations in rural America, the America’s Farmers Grow Communities program is ­part­nering with ­farmers to direct $2,500 donations to individual nonprofit ­organizations. The program, which kicked off its fifth year on Aug. 1, ­benefits 1,324 counties across 40 states. Organizations that received ­funding in the past include fire […]

Rep. Jerry Costello II receives Illinois Electric Cooperatives’ Public Service Award

At the Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives’ annual ­meeting in Springfield on Aug. 1, State Representative Jerry Costello II (D-Smithton, 116th District) received the 2014 Illinois Electric Cooperatives Public Service Award. Presenting the award to Rep. Costello (right), who is a Monroe County Electric Co-Operative member, is Monroe County Electric Board Chairman Larry Kraft (left). […]

Large electric water heaters could be outlawed

Bipartisan legislation that cleared the House March 5 will help save smart grid-enabled electric resistance water heaters, NRECA CEO Jo Ann Emerson told members of Congress. Without passage of the legislation 55 gallon or larger electric water ­heaters will be banned. “Electric co-ops have a straight­forward mission: to provide reliable electric service to their consumer-owners at […]

EPA proposes update to landfill emission rules

On July 1 the U.S. EPA released an update to 18-year-old standards for air pollution from solid waste landfills. New and modified landfills would be required to use technology to capture two-thirds of their emitted methane and other air pollutants by 2023. Now the EPA is in the public input phase for determining the final […]

Learning from Germany’s energy policy mistakes

Energiewende, German for energy transition, is the move by Germany to an energy portfolio dominated by renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable ­development. The final goal is the abolition of coal and other non-renewable energy sources. While many would applaud Germany’s goals, others would say it is an example of what not to do with […]

Homegrown by Illinois heroes

A sharp, full-color logo has been designed to help Illinois veterans market agricultural products. The Homegrown By Heroes Illinois Products logo was unveiled in July at the Illinois Farm Bureau, where more than 30 organizations met to launch the initiative. Homegrown By Heroes is a national ­branding program and will allow Illinois farmers, ­ranchers and […]

Record attendance for 50th NRECA Youth Tour

Seventy-five Illinois students recently returned from the annual “Youth to Washington” Tour, held June 13-20. This event, sponsored by the electric and telephone cooperatives of Illinois since the late 1950s, is an introduction to our ­democratic form of government and cooperatives for rural youth.  This year Illinois celebrated it’s 55th year of the tour. NRECA’s Youth […]

Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 to monitor Earth’s vital signs

The Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2), NASA’s first mission dedicated to studying carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere, lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on July 2. The two-year mission will help scientists unravel key mysteries about carbon dioxide and produce the most detailed picture to date of natural sources of carbon dioxide, as […]