One in six cars worldwide in 2020 must be electric

According to a recent study by the World Energy Council (WEC), more than 16 percent of vehicles sold worldwide in 2020 will have to be powered by electricity to meet ­existing emissions standards. In comparing emissions-reduction targets for the world’s three largest auto markets (United States, China and the Europe Union), WEC concludes that “larger […]

Jo-Carroll Energy receives USDA funding

Earlier this year Jo-Carroll Energy was awarded funding through two USDA Rural Development ­programs – one designed to increase rural energy efficiency and the other to stimulate business growth and development. A $770,000 loan through the Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant (REDLG) program, awarded to Jo-Carroll Energy, was re-lent to Stephenson Service Company to […]

Co-ops see veterans as key players in next generation workforce

America’s electric cooperatives have long enjoyed a strong relationship with the nation’s armed forces. Most military bases are located in rural areas, and the power ­systems at some bases are operated by electric cooperatives. A dispropor­tionately large percentage of our nation’s troops – some estimates suggest as high as 40 percent – come from rural America. […]

Illinois pioneers of rural electrification

Timothy W. Reeves Tim Reeves, son of R.T. “Tom” Reeves, began his cooperative career in 1975 as a staff assistant at Egyptian Electric Cooperative Association, and later became assistant manager. In January 1980, Reeves succeeded his father as general manager of Southern Illinois Electric Cooperative. Ten years later, he transitioned to the staff of Southern […]

Do you have an energy hog in your home?

Many co-ops have installed smart meters at their members’ homes, which can show detailed hourly energy use. This information can sometimes help pinpoint a large energy user. For example, you may be using more electricity on weekends, which would be an important clue to discovering what is driving up your energy costs. Armed with whatever […]

Just doing the right thing

Ten students at the AIEC’s first year apprentice school at Lincoln Land Community College were having a noon lunch break at a Springfield restaurant on Thursday Sept. 16, when an elderly gentleman passed out. The young guys helped revive him and assisted him and his family, but ­apparently didn’t make a big deal out of […]

Senate passes coal ash provisions

Coal ash management, ­according to electric cooperatives, requires clear authority, certainty and ­common sense. That’s what co-op leaders said the Senate delivered in major legislation. Provisions critical for addressing coal ash-coal combustion residuals from electric generation-cleared the Senate as part of the Water Resources Development Act, S. 2848, in a 95-3 vote Sept. 15. “These […]

Were you the victim of a home repair scam?

If you or someone you know has been the victim of elder financial abuse and want to talk confidentially to someone about it, an Adult Protective Services caseworker can help you take steps to alleviate the situation. Don’t let it happen again. Remember: • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  •Get […]

Co-ops honor Sen. Manar with public service award

During a special award ­ceremony held at M.J.M. Electric Cooperative, Inc., on August 31, Illinois State Senator Andy Manar (left, D-Bunker Hill) received the 2016 Illinois Electric Cooperatives’ Public Service Award from AIEC President/CEO Duane Noland. The award was made in recog­nition of Sen. Manar’s dedicated public service to all ­citizens of the state of Illinois […]

Illinois consumers average monthly energy bill is $280

We made it through the heat of summer and air ­conditioning bills but some of that electricity for the A/C may now show up on your electric bill. Soon we’ll be ­heading into the heating season. In the U.S., energy costs eat between five and 22 percent of families’ total after-tax income, with the poorest […]