A man dressed as Santa Claus

Ho, Ho, Ho

“‘Santa, I need a hug.’ I turned, and there was a lady in a wheelchair. I started to bend down to hug her and she said, ‘No, give me a minute.’ She pulled herself out of that chair to stand up. She told me she had MS. I was giving her a hug, and she […]

From the sands of Iwo Jima

Every day, when weather allows, John Moon hops on his bicycle and goes for a ride. He bowls at least twice a week. Every Thursday, John goes to choir practice, and every Sunday, he sings at church. He used to do a series of calisthenics every day, including push-ups and deep knee bends, but he […]


Some might say Kimberly Dublo is out of her gourd, but the Hamburg, Ill. artist would likely consider that a compliment. Kimberly is a self-taught gourd artist with a love for the humble fruit that has become a palette for her intricate artwork. From her rustic studio on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, […]

Heartland Lodge with brightly lit windows under a night sky.

Heartland Lodge

You may have never thought about Pike County as a vacation destination, but a local entrepreneur has developed a gem in the rough that’s providing a special guest experience while boosting economic development. Just over 16,000 people reside in Pike County, and with a population of nearly 4,600, Pittsfield, the county seat, is its largest […]

From Agriculture to Aerospace

In his youth, David Shaw had his head in the clouds, but instead of dreaming up a future in sports or traveling the world, David had his mind set on something much higher, literally. He dreamed of owning his own aerospace business right on his family’s farm. He told his friend, Adam Wesley, his plans […]

Band of Brothers

His hands were like leather, gnarled from years of hard labor, and he stooped as he walked. His clothes, which may have fit at one time, hung on his frame and gray hair poked out from under the dark, worn hat that shaded the bright light in his eyes. He moved briskly, for someone his […]

Black and white cows behind barbed wire fence

How the West was wrangled

By Jerry McDonald In the movie, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” a character proclaims, “Sir, this is the West. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” And so, legends and stories about men like Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, Buffalo Bill Cody, Billy the Kid and Sam Bass have shaped popular perception of […]

Exceptional Camps for Exceptional People

Every summer thousands of youngsters enjoy the experiences of summer camps. They make new friends, enjoy new experiences ranging from hiking and swimming to zip line trips, and take in all  the great outdoors offers. Scout organizations, church camps and even athletic groups give campers summer adventures they will never forget. While most camps cater […]

Strawberry fields forever

That first bite makes the taste buds tingle from the juicy, ripe, red berries to the tender, slightly-sweet cake and the luscious whipped cream; it’s a tower of heavenly delight! Strawberry shortcake – is there anything better? It’s a great way to kick off grilling season and usher in summer, and there is that feeling […]

Phil Carson speaking while standing behind a podium

Phil Carson:

In a room of some 6,000 meeting attendees you can hear a pin drop. Every eye is on the man at the podium. There’s something captivating about his message delivery. His preparation, knowledge of the topic and sincerity clearly demonstrate that he is worthy of your attention. Phil Carson’s experience as a farmer, pastor and […]