Gary, Dennis, Cindy and Joyce.

Round’em up for Cowboy Church

Different people have different ways of worshiping. Some share scripture, raise their hands, sing, pray, dance in praise, meditate. Some fellowship together over a meal, sometimes a potluck, sometimes the Lord’s Supper. Some go to a church building, a temple, a mosque, sit by a lake or in a tree-stand. And those who deliver the message may wear a suit ...Read More

EXTRA – App calculates energy savings

How much can you save using CFLs? What does it cost to run the dishwasher for an hour? Answering those questions is easy with the newest Touchstone Energy® app. It’s called Together We Save — Save Energy Save Money, an offshoot of the popular Together We Save program. “It has two new calculators,” said Jason McGrade, senior Web development and ...Read More


Broadband boosts rural business

You might not think farms have much need for broadband services, but in fact agriculture is being shaped by the services offered. According to the USDA report, Broadband Internet’s Value for Rural America, the more multi-faceted the farm business, the more the farm uses the Internet. Grant Noland of Noland Farms says, “In today’s agriculture environment everything is high-speed. Broadband ...Read More

CFL Charlie makes a visit to the livestock barn, as he represents  Shelby Electric Cooperative at the Shelby County Fair.

See you at the fair

For many of you, your electric cooperative – or those they associate with in the heating and cooling industry – are your friends at the fair, too. You can generally find them in the vendor area, standing ready to meet and answer your questions. They can provide you with energy saving information to help you reduce your power costs. Perhaps ...Read More


New Ag Director on a mission

As a former mayor and legislator who represented both rural and urban parts of east central Illinois that depend upon a robust agricultural economy, I’ve always understood that Illinois is an agrarian state.  So, when Governor Quinn appointed me as director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture, I was humbled by the opportunity to serve in a role where I ...Read More

Prairie Power, Inc. leaders keep eye on power portfolio risks in changing energy market

The members of Prairie Power, Inc. (PPI), a generation and transmission cooperative serving 10 central Illinois distribution cooperatives, held their Annual Meeting, Feb. 8 in Springfield. President and CEO Jay Bartlett said the generation and transmission cooperative (G&T), serving 10 Illinois distribution co-ops, is working hard to improve system reliability and manage rates, while building fiber optic infrastructure for smart grid ...Read More

Know when to replace carbon monoxide detectors

The Office of the State Fire Marshal warns everyone to pay special attention to the distinct signals sent by carbon monoxide alarms when their life has expired. Frequently, people may believe that a beep coming out of their CO alarm means it’s time for a battery change, when in fact it means that the device needs to be replaced. “It ...Read More

Water efficiency starts in the bathroom

Some 60 percent of our household indoor water usage happens in the bathroom. As such, updating old leaky fixtures and changing a few basic habits could go a long way toward saving fresh water, energy and money. Undoubtedly, the toilet is the biggest water hog in the bathroom. Those made before 1993 use up to eight gallons of water per ...Read More

Irish Soda Bread

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1914 Butterscotch

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