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Pie chart illustrating division of 7 million electric industry jobs in America. 2,662,000 Directly provided and 4, 418,000 induced.

High-Energy Jobs

If you want to work where the action is, how about a job in the fastest-growing occupation in America? As a wind-turbine technician you could make about $50,000 a year and know that your career is expected to grow 108 percent in the next seven years, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And you’d […]

Committed to all things big and small

Illinois’ electric cooperatives believe in neighbors helping neighbors. That’s just another way of saying we’re committed to our communities, and it’s central to everything we do. October is National Co-op Month, which is a perfect time to highlight our commitment to the local communities we serve. Your electric cooperative keeps the power flowing, providing lights, […]

Cyber safety checklist

This month, electric cooperatives across the country will join forces to raise awareness about cybersecurity. We hope that you will join us in taking action and recognizing October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Electric co-ops protect the private information of members and ensure hackers don’t tamper with the reliability of the electric grid, but consumers […]

Find your spirited adventure in Galena

In October, nightfall comes earlier, the large orange harvest moon glows eerily and ghosts and goblins lurk in the dark shadows. But in Galena, a town of nearly 3,500 residents in far northwestern Illinois, the dark side is present all year long. According to local lore, the combination of tragedy that befell many residents, from […]

The colors of autumn

As the days of summer wane and crisp mornings ease us into autumn, Mother Nature pulls out her palette and paints the landscape with fabulous reds, yellows, oranges and purples of the season. As the leaves turn, many hearts will be compelled to wander the myriad scenic color routes across the state looking for those […]

Rural communities have a voice in Washington

Given the incessant news out of Washington high­lighting partisan bickering and gridlock in Congress, it can be hard to tell whether our elected leaders are listening and being responsive to the concerns of rural Americans. That’s why America’s electric cooperatives urged members to get out and vote in the last election and are now focused […]


Southern Illinois native Dav Glass, a self-proclaimed geek, made a name for himself in California’s Silicon Valley as a software architect and engineer with Yahoo. When a new position with the search engine giant gave him the opportunity to return to Marion, Ill. and work from home, he jumped at the chance. His relocation, however, […]

Total eclipse of the sun

Chances are that most Illinoisans have never seen a total solar eclipse. After all, the last total eclipse in the United States was more than 30 years ago and even then, only the Pacific Northwest was in what is called “totality,” the rest of the nation saw just a partial eclipse. This August is a […]

Top 10 reasons to consider a co-op career

There are many ways to earn a paycheck, but some are more rewarding than others. Here are 10 reasons to consider joining the electric cooperative family. 10. Tech-focused: The electricity industry is at the ­leading edge of a global energy revolution. Rapid advances in renewable generation, energy storage and smart grid technologies will change the […]

State fairs provide economic boost for local economy

Like many Illinoisans, Joshua Collins looks forward to the Illinois State Fair every year. So does Melanie Jacobs. Guy Alongi and Rex Duncan are eager for the start of Illinois’ other state fair, the Du Quoin State Fair, late each summer. Vicki King is fond of both 11-day events. It’s not that Collins is an […]