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  • Farmer’s markets growing in Illinois

    76803481More than 3,000 farmer’s markets across the country offer consumers farm-fresh, ­affordable, convenient and healthy products. Farmer’s markets serve as ­integral links between urban, ­suburban, and rural com­munities and the ­popularity of the markets continues to rise, ­especially in Illinois, which now ranks third in the nation for the number of farmer’s markets.

    To further the expansion and ­awareness of farmer’s markets take this opportunity to search for a com­munity or roadside market near you.

    The Illinois Department of Agriculture, along with the Illinois Specialty Growers Association, is ­working to expand the number and ­awareness of Illinois farmer’s markets. The number of Illinois producers that have signed-up to par­ticipate in the ILLINOIS “WHERE FRESH IS” logo ­program is ­increasing. If you are a ­producer, you can use this as a tool to help sell Illinois grown produce, fruits and other horticulture commodities.

    For a producer to use the logo, you only need to fill out and submit an application to the Illinois Department of Agriculture. After the ­application is approved you will receive a list of sales materials with the logo. These materials can be purchased at cost for use at community ­farmer’s markets, roadside stands and grocery stores.

    You can download a copy of the ­application at www.agr.state.il.us/markets/farmers/. For more information call 217-524-9129 or email delayne.reeves@illinois.gov.

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