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Doug Rye, licensed architect and the popular host of the "Home Remedies" radio show

Energy Solutions:

Resolve to Lose Some Kilowatts
Help yourself and someone else trim their energy bill

Surely it is not the beginning of another year already. You mean it is time for New Year’s resolutions? I still haven’t lost that 20 pounds that I resolved to lose for the last five New Years!

I do think it is all right for me to make a New Year’s resolution if I will just work hard to fulfill it. I remember when I resolved to learn to drink coffee without cream or sugar. It was difficult, but I did it. The truth is, I would really rather smell the coffee beans than drink the coffee.

That same year I resolved to learn how to fish with a plastic worm. I bet all you gals are impressed with that one. It took time, but I learned to do it.

These were all fine changes, but as I’ve grown in my “maturity,” my New Year’s resolutions have become more serious. I recently heard someone suggest that there was one New Year’s resolution that would change your life. They said, do a good deed for someone every day and don’t tell anyone about it.

I liked that and I imagine that most of you would agree that that would be a wonderful thing to do. And there are limitless ways to do that.

Since this column is dedicated to energy efficiency, I thought I would share a few ways that you could do a good deed for someone and help them save money on their energy bills. That would be a great deed, I believe. Don’t you? And there are ways to help others that don’t cost you anything or if they do, very little.

Here we go:

1. Share these columns with others, especially your friends and family who don’t get this magazine.

2. Encourage others to listen to my electric cooperative-sponsored radio show, “Home Remedies,” which airs on many Illinois stations on Saturday mornings. Check with your local electric cooperative for more information.

3. Check with your local electric cooperative about energy saving tips brochures and share those with your friends and family.

4. Buy a package of compact fluorescent lights for a friend as a gift this year.

5. Buy a water heater blanket for your mom or grandmother. She’ll appreciate it, I promise.

6. Buy some tubes of caulk and go over to your neighbor’s house and offer to show him or her how it can be used to make their house more comfortable.

7. If you haven’t done all you can do to make your home energy-efficient, take some time to do a good deed for yourself.

These were just a few tips that came to mind. I bet you can think of many, many more. I hope this will help you with your New Year’s resolutions. I think you’ll find them to be simple and rewarding. But if these resolutions don’t sound good to you, just remember, you can always resolve to try losing that 20 pounds again. Good luck!!


More Information:

Doug Rye, a licensed architect and the popular host of the "Home Remedies" radio show, works as a consultant for the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas to promote energy efficiency to cooperative members statewide. To order Doug's video, call Doug at 1-888-Doug-Rye. More energy-efficiency tips can also be found at


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