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Some things are more important than energy efficiency
Doug Rye
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I’m on the radio every week and I host 150 seminars a year about energy efficiency and low utility bills. You might think that I believe that low utility bills and energy efficiency are the most important things in our lives. It may shock you to know, however, that I say, “No.” I believe that family, particularly grandchildren, along with good health and spirituality are far more important than energy savings. And I really believe that the air we breathe and the water that we drink is more important than energy efficiency and low utility bills. The way I really say it is, “Energy efficiency really doesn’t matter if you are dead.”

Since the allergy season is starting, or in full bloom in some parts of the country, today as I write this article, I’ve decided to teach you about air quality. It would take us weeks to discuss all of the air pollution problems in this country, but it will only take this column to give you a solution.

The solution is air purification, not air filtration. Air pollution in your home can be from numerous sources. However, it is generally only from a few sources, such as mold, mildew, pet dander and certain plants. Of course, at this time of year, tree pollen can wreak havoc on just about everyone. Then there’s tobacco smoke and, I hate to say it, but you need to think about it – roach droppings. Even your ductwork can have various pollutants such as dirt and dust. All of this bad stuff can be found in your home, your office, your church, your bathroom, a nursing home, a hospital – you name it.

About 10 years ago, someone came to my house to try to sell my wife and me a unit that supposedly purified the air. I do not remember who it was. I don’t even remember if the person was a male or a female. What I do remember is the demonstration of the unit. We were sitting in a room with the sun streaming through a window where the dust particles were very evident in the air. The person turned the unit on and in few minutes the dust particles disappeared. I didn’t have a clue how it did it and I didn’t really care. I just said, “How much does it cost?” That unit was used 24 hours a day for years.

When the mold and mildew scare hit a few years ago, folks started calling me on the radio show (which surely all of you have heard by now) and voicing their concerns about health problems related to mold and mildew. I told them that the permanent solution, of course, was to get rid of the moisture source. However, to rapidly reduce the amount of mold and mildew spores that they were breathing, I said they should obtain an air purification system like I had. They would ask, “Where do I get one?” I would say, “I don’t know, but I’ll let you know soon.”

“Soon” ended up being about a year. With the help of my sweet wife, I finally located a source of these units and have shared that with my listeners and others. I could fill a book with testimonies from people who are pleased, even thrilled, with the results. But because space is short and I have 40 phone calls to return, let me make this as simple as possible. Purchase an air purification unit that cleans the air much like God cleans the air by electrifying it with lightening during a thunderstorm. Interested?

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