Leaving a legacy

There are a couple of things more important in life than just about anything—even money. Faith, family, friends and forgiveness are just a few of life’s most important things. Another thing important to many Illinois families is the family farm. It’s where roots are put down literally and figuratively. It represents more than a business. […]

Maple sirup the sweet tradition of Funks Grove

It was so peaceful, that grove of trees with snow-covered branches. It somehow took me back to my childhood and reading Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I wanted to be part of the family as they visited Grandpa’s house and went out to tap the maple trees and watched, and […]

A small town preserves its roots and prospers

The festival was in full swing when I drove into the tiny village with Swedish-American roots in western Illinois. Traditionally dressed dancers were performing a Swedish folk dance in the shadow of an ornate gazebo as visitors meandered along flower-laden streets walking in and out of the village’s historic buildings and gift shops. This is […]