Where there’s smoke … There might just be a festival!

The smell of BBQ smoke and popcorn can make a mouth water. Brightly colored hot air balloons take form as they inflate and float up into the awakening dawn. The sounds of music and people. All of these are just a few of the sights, sounds and smells you can find at local festivals. Festivals […]

Working together for Illinois

Our state and nation are facing very tough issues that require the good faith effort of our leaders and a willingness to work across the aisle. Illinois’ freshmen Representatives, William Enyart, Cheri Bustos and Rodney Davis, who together represent more than 40 counties, all emphasized the importance of ­creating jobs for their districts and bipartisanship […]

Telling fish stories

Long before anyone had ever heard of the television programs, “Hillbilly Handfishin’,” “Mudcats” or “Dirty Jobs,” the Williams and Campbell families had been hand-fishing (or hoggin’) in the Mackinaw and Kickapoo Rivers and Salt Creek in north central Illinois. In fact, both families have three generations of hoggers, as they refer to themselves. “Catfish” John […]