Return of the eagles

Bob Motz will never forget the first time he saw a bald eagle in its natural habitat. The semi-retired teacher from Rock Island High School was eight years old, ice skating with his father on the hidden waters of the Hennepin Canal, an abandoned waterway in northwestern Illinois. Even though it was decades ago, Motz […]

Finest Cooking Holiday Recipe Contest Winners

Christmas offers much to celebrate – the opportunity to gather with family and enjoy the familiar sights, sounds and smells we have come to cherish. One of the things we most associate with the holidays is food. It seems like everyone has a favorite dish they want to see on the table. Back in August, […]

Illinois innovation

Many times innovation comes out of a backyard garage, not a big company. That’s the story of “Seven,” an electric 207 MPGe dream car that was born in an Illinois co-op member’s pole barn. Much has happened in the three years since Illinois Country Living last interviewed Illuminati Motor Works (IMW), the team that built […]