Agriculture and farming aren’t usually considered a woman’s world, but that trend is changing. It’s often brains over brawn when it comes to women in farming, and increasing numbers of females are enrolling in ag-related university programs which include everything from agribusiness to agronomy, crop science and animal science. From 1996 to 2012, females enrolling […]

Future rate shock

In his State of the Union speech President Obama said his “all-of-the-above energy strategy” has moved America closer to energy independence, but co-op ­leaders noticed he didn’t mention coal. And although coal is America’s most abundant and affordable energy resource, the EPA’s proposed regulation will virtually eliminate new coal-fired plants changing the policy to an […]

Efficient outdoor lighting

By James Dulley Dear Jim: I need to add outdoor lighting for security at my home. I’d also like to use the lights for entertaining. How can I brighten outdoor spaces without ­driving up my electric bills? – Paul H. Dear Paul: Outdoor lighting can be effective for security, but drives up utility bills if […]