Time to remodel?

Americans are staying put. A down economy is driving most people to hunker down in their homes instead of moving, and many wonder whether to finish that attic or replace the front door as they try to out-wait hard times. Only 10 percent of the general public feels that now is the time to sell […]

Smart moves to save money

To get more ideas and accurate information on energy-saving ideas, go to The Energy-Savings Home Tour gives members information on landscaping for efficiency, and interior and exterior home tips to save money on your electric bill. Share

A personal experience

By Cindy Ladage February is the time of year when utility bills seem to be the highest and as you gaze at your energy consumption you begin to think, how can I reduce my bill? The light bulb goes on and the word “energy audit” comes to mind. While this is something I always say […]

Illinois experts recommend quick-fix projects, products

The year 2012 is showing improvement in home sales over 2011, a positive for prospective home sellers. The first two months, according to records provided by the Illinois Association of Realtors (IAR), indicate increased sales of 16.1 percent in January and 25.4 percent in February which included Leap Day. At the time of publication, sales […]

Know what to ask

Asking contractors important questions makes all the difference, according to Roger Weymouth, broker/owner of Weymouth & Associates in Holt, MI, with 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. “Regarding the best questions to ask, I would say, ‘as many as you can think of,’” he says. For instance: Are you licensed and insured? […]