Safety & Health

Big harvest and grain bin safety

Grain bins are essential to Illinois’ agricultural economy, but those bins also can be deadly. Grain storage is a particularly dangerous area on family farms and in other agricultural settings. Those tall, usually metal or concrete silos that dot the landscape across our state cost several farmers and other workers their lives every year. “It is vital […]

Empower yourself when the lights go off

As colder temperatures approach, preparation is important in staying safe and warm should the electricity go out. Safe Electricity shares tips to help you prepare for winter power outages. If power lines go down because of a winter storm, you may be in for a prolonged power outage as cooperative crews work to get the […]

Make time for safety

Fall harvest is the most likely time of year for farm-related accidents and fatalities. The number one factor in electrocution on the farm is an auger that hits a power line when being moved. Be aware of your surroundings and look up often. Safe Electricity offers the following harvest safety tips: Check the height of […]

‘Standby’ me

Many big businesses rely on standby power when the power goes out for the safety of their employees and customers as well as to power essential items. More and more home versions are being installed so families can have backup power when they need it to power appliances and essential medical equipment, or simply for convenience. […]

Don’t let unsafe actions make waves in summer fun

Whether close to home or while on vacation, hot summer temperatures beckon many people to activities in and around water. To help ensure that the fun stays in these summer activities, it is important to keep safety in mind. Safe Electricity shares tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe when enjoying water recreation […]

Trees and power lines don’t play well together

An important variable to consider when planning your landscape has nothing to do with a tree’s appearance or function—it is the tree’s location. A young and slender tree trunk, that could be compared to a lanky teenager, may look small and harmless when you buy it, but trees that have the growth potential to encroach power […]

COVID-19 – Caring for someone at home

Most people who get sick with COVID-19 will have only mild illness and should recover at home. However, those at a higher risk, such as medical conditions like lung disease, heart disease or diabetes, may develop more serious complications and should seek care as soon as symptoms start. COVID-19 spreads between people who are in close […]

U Drive. U Text. U Pay.

Distracted driving has become a deadly epidemic claiming 2,841 lives on our nation’s roads in 2018, which represents 7.8 percent of all traffic crash fatalities that year. While the number is down from 2017, there isn’t an acceptable number of distracted-driving deaths. The devastation caused by drivers who take their hands off the wheel and their […]

Keeping crews safe and power flowing

Lineworkers handle 7,200-volt power lines daily, and while that can become routine, workers should never take the hazards of the work for granted. Electric cooperatives across the country actively work on one of their greatest challenges – keeping employees safe. That’s why the Commitment to Zero Contacts program has become a central component of safety training […]

Look out for galloping lines

High winds and ice can affect power lines in a way that makes them gallop. When ice accumulates on power lines, high winds can cause them to bounce enough to hit another line—potentially damaging the lines, causing power outages, and even making the lines fall to the ground. “Strong winter winds can cause ice to build […]