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Keep on trucking

Without a second thought, we reach for an item from a supermarket freezer or grab something from a foodbank shelf. It could be practically anything, from milk to frozen pizzas, fresh vegetables to pancake mix. No matter the item or the grocery, food pantry or convenient store, practically every food item available shares one thing […]

Peace, joy and brotherhood in the great outdoors

While on deployment in Afghanistan, Army Specialist Eric Bakken learned that his team leader SSG John Bates and fellow Specialist Eric Finniginamm had never hunted or fished. As an outdoor enthusiast, he wanted to share his love of outdoor sports, so he promised to take them out upon returning to the U.S. Subsequent conversations led […]

Beware of ticks

A twist of Lyme

“Be alert for any flu-like symptoms, aching joints, fatigue, rashes, bullseye rash, brain fog and so forth. If you experience any of these things, see a doctor … soon.” That advice from Michigan resident Brian Anderson does not involve the illness you can’t escape hearing about all day, every day. Anderson has provided training for […]


Putting a stamp on history

“Quite a few people would come into the post office just to see the mural in the lobby,” says Karen Rhodes, who worked as a clerk in the East Alton post office for 32 years. “Many were from out of town, but they had knowledge it was there.” Titled “The Letter,” the mural by Francis […]

Lincoln Mural

Art for All

Larger-than-life cultural expressions can be found on the streets of many cities and small towns across Illinois. Murals are a source of pride and history in these communities, breathing life into the chronicles of their past. From Pittsfield to Pontiac, Marshall to Mt. Sterling, murals can be found everywhere. Take for instance Michael Mayosky’s 2,200-square-foot […]

Eagle Release

Rescue, rehabilitate, release

It all started when Adele Moore and then husband Richard Evans spotted an injured cottontail rabbit in the middle of the road in 1972. They took the rabbit to a local veterinarian, who stitched it up and sent it back home with them. In their care, the rabbit quickly recovered, and they released it back […]


Follow your dreams, do big things

Retail has always been in their brains. From the time they were little, sisters Stephanie Harrison and Elizabeth Patridge remember growing up in a family business. “We grew up always doing something,” says Stephanie. “Our dream was always to open something. We had an aunt who was in clothing retail in Texas and Atlanta. We […]


Treehouses – not just for kids

Glamourous and camping. These two words don’t seem to go together. Yet, in recent years, “glamping” has become increasingly popular. It’s best for those who want to be one with nature but not give up modern conveniences. You can even take your family glamping in the canopy of the Illinois Ozarks. “Glamping is the perfect […]


An Enduring Performance

Conklin’s Dinner Theatre, a central Illinois fixture for almost 45 years, nearly saw its curtain come down one last time in 2015. A will to live has fueled its encore. Act I  • • • • • • • • Known today as The Barn III, the dinner theater and event venue has roots in […]

Reinneck family

How Salsa Rose got its name

As you take a bite of Salsa Rose, you may notice the signature flavors of Reinneck Ranch’s products – a little sweet with a little heat. But it’s not just a salsa. Its backstory has highs and lows, and it all begins with the birth of the salsa’s namesake, Jada Rose. Born premature on Aug. […]