Recipes using crushed pineapple in juice

Fruit Slush

Refreshing Fruit Slush

Chill out! Hot summer days call for a dip in the pool and inviting family and friends for a cookout. Instead of heating up the oven to bake a dessert, consider something cooler –frozen desserts. In the heat of summer, these chilly delights are favorites that hit the spot. Print Recipe Refreshing Fruit Slush Course […]

Sugarless Pineapple Pie

Sugarless Pineapple Pie

Submitted by Shelia Moffitt, Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative   This month’s recipes focus on low carb/diabetic-friendly selections. They may be low in carbohydrates, but certainly do not lack in flavor. Whether you are trying to eat fewer carbs to lose weight or want to eat healthier, give these a try.  Print Recipe Sugarless Pineapple Pie […]