Recipes using nutmeg

Hot Orange Cider Punch

SCC Friends and Family Cookbook Who: Smyser Christian Church Youth Cost: $17.63 includes shipping Details: Hard-backed, comb bound Pages of recipes: 76 Send checks to: Smyser Christian Church, c/o Sherrie Grohler, 717 CR 1675E, Sullivan, IL 61951 or call 217-259-6641. Print Recipe Hot Orange Cider Punch Course Beverage Servings Ingredients 1 c. sugar4 c. apple […]

Crockpot Cinnamon Roll Casserole

Heavenly Recipes Who: Emmanuel United Methodist Church Cost: $12 includes shipping Details: Hard-backed, ring bound Pages of recipes: 274 Send checks to: Emmanuel United Methodist Church, c/o Nancy Crumrin, 12495 E. 550th Rd., Martinsville, IL 62442 or call 217-232-2362 Print Recipe Crockpot Cinnamon Roll Casserole Servings Ingredients 2-12 oz. tubes cinnamon rolls cut into quarters […]

Applebutter Cake

Calling all cookbooks! Is your church or community organization selling its own unique cookbook filled with favorite recipes of cooks in your area? If so, send your cookbook to Valerie Cheatham, Illinois Country Living, P.O. Box 3787, Springfield, IL 62708. Please include the price of your cookbook plus postage costs and the name, address and […]

Oatmeal Cake

A Taste of Oakhill Vegan/Vegetarian Who: Oakhill Seventh-Day Adventist Church Cost: $18 includes shipping Details: Soft-backed, comb bound Pages of recipes: 91 Send checks to: Oakhill Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Attn: Leah Clubb, 1400 Mule Road, Columbia, IL 62236 or call 618-540-3957. Print Recipe Oatmeal Cake Servings Ingredients 1 c. oatmeal uncooked1-1/4 c. boiling water1/2 c. butter […]

German Gingerbread Cookies

My sister and I started making these cookies in our early teens. We made them every year until I moved out of state and got married. We would spend an afternoon rolling out the dough and carefully decorating gingerbread men, women, Christmas trees, stars, etc. with colored sugars, nuts and miniature chocolate chips. One year […]

Shrimp and Grits

A Collection of Recipes Who: Hardin Presbyterian ChurchCost: $15 includes shippingDetails: soft-backed, comb-boundPages of recipes: 330Send checks to: Penny Loft, Hardin Presbyterian Church, P.O. Box 532, Hardin, IL 62047or call 618-576-2800 Print Recipe Shrimp and Grits Course Entrée Servings Ingredients 2 c. chicken broth1 c. grits (not instant)2 c. milk1/2 tsp. Saltpinch white pepperpinch Cayenne […]

Mom’s Baked Custard

Together We Have It All Who: Varna United Methodist ChurchCost: $13 includes shippingDetails: soft-backed, comb boundPages of recipes: 72Send checks to: Kelley Larimer, 2074 County Road 400N, Varna, IL 61375 or call 309-399-7611 Print Recipe Mom’s Baked Custard Servings Ingredients 3 egg yolks slightly beaten2 c. scalded milk1/4 c. sugar2 egg whites beaten until peaks […]

Apple Pumpkin Muffins

Favorite Recipes Who: White County Home and Community Education, Norris City, ILCost: $10.75 including shippingDetails: soft-backed, comb-boundPages of recipes: 188Send checks to: Ruth Norris, 163 Co. Rd. 700N, Norris City, IL 62869 or call 618-378-3891   Print Recipe Apple Pumpkin Muffins Servings Ingredients 2-1/2 C. flour2 C. sugar1 tsp. Cinnamon1/2 tsp. Salt1/4 tsp. nutmeg1/2 tsp. […]

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

Featuring specialty crop recipes This recipe courtesy of The Great Pumpkin Patch Print Recipe Pumpkin Chiffon Pie Course Dessert Servings pie Ingredients 2/3 C. light brown sugar1/2 tsp. Salt1/2 tsp. nutmeg1/2 C. milk1/2 tsp. ground ginger1/2 tsp. Cinnamon1-1/4 C. pumpkin cooked and mashed3 eggs separated1/2 C. granulated sugar1 pie shell baked Course Dessert Servings pie […]

Apple Baked French Toast

Featuring specialty crop recipes Print Recipe Apple Baked French Toast Course Breakfast Servings Ingredients 1 lg. loaf French or Italian bread8 lg. eggs3 1/2 C. milk1 C. sugar1 Tbsp. vanilla3 tsp. Cinnamon1 tsp. nutmeg6 to 8 med. apples peeled, cored and sliced2 Tbsp. butter Course Breakfast Servings Ingredients 1 lg. loaf French or Italian bread8 […]