Illinois country father of the year.

jason hawley

Nominated by Faith Hawley his daughter

jason hawley is from Corn Belt Energy Corporation

My name is Faith and I am 11 years old. I am number 6 of 11 kids. My Dad is the best dad in the world. He loves all of us so much and works hard to make us all happy. He never complains about going to work for all of us and always makes time to teach us about the Bible.

My Dad moved us here from Australia when my Mom was pregnant with me. He wanted us to live in the country and grow up with lots of things to do.

Every year my Dad takes me and my sisters to a father daughter banquet. We look forward to it every year.

I know there are lots of special Dads out there but my Dad is the best!!! If you could meet my dad you would know how great he is. I think he would not think he’s the best Dad but all of his kids know he is.

Thank you for reading my letter , there is so much I want to say about him but there isn’t enough space or words to explain MY DAD!