Illinois country father of the year.

Dan Allen

Nominated by Jami Walsh his Daughter

Dan Allen is from Western Illinois Electrical Coop.

I think my father is an excellent candidate for your Father of the Year contest. He is a farmer and recently retired from his career as an electrician. Whenever I think of my Dad his willingness to help is the first thing that comes to mind. He has provided for our family with many years of hard work. Ever since I can remember, he would work his day job and then come home to farm. There were countless nights that he would combine or plant throughout the night and then go to his day job in the morning. Now, my sister and I have families of our own that he’s always more than willing to help. He will help make, repair, install numerous things in our home. He also helps financially when needed. He has repeated numerous times that he does not want our families to worry about money. He and our Mom had to work very hard when my sister and I were younger. He wants our lives to be easier than is, which is admirable. He has a fantastic work ethic with our family as well as others.
While growing up, our father was more than willing to volunteer. He worked on a committee to consolidate our school with a larger one to give us more opportunities. He was a member of the school’s board for eight years while we were in school. He has aided his aging neighbor who is also a farmer. He has always been more than willing to help friends and friends of friends who need help with electrical issues in their homes.
Our father is a giver in life. He has also taught us that philosophy and we hope to teach that to our children. Thank you for considering him as a father of the Year candidate.