Illinois country father of the year.

Justin Polacek

Nominated by Lori Polacek his parent

Justin Polacek is from Monroe County Electric Co-Operative, Inc.

Justin Polacek lives in Monroe County Illinois, in the country. He lives in a country house. Justin is a country father to his two children. Seth is three year4s old. Sylvia is one year old. He is a joyful and nurturing daddy. He provides a caring role in his childrens’ lives.
He also cares for chickens. He collects eggs and hatches out baby chicks in spring. He also cares for guineas and ahtches out baby quineas in spring. He takes care of duck houses and bat houses on his pond.
He feeds the hummingbirds in spring and summer. He feeds the winter birds.
Justin own 3 cats. He owns one dog. Very loves, dashound names “Ziggy.”
Justin is married to his wife Meghan. Justin plants deer plots in his pasture for the deer and other wildlife to eat. He grows large orange pumpkins and giant gourds for the county fair. Justin has planted apple trees to make cobblers and pies in the summer. He also grows a vegetable garden of cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini squash.
Justin attends the county fair. The tractor pulls, Demo Derby, figure 8 races. He enjoys Monster Truck Games, and bull riding events.
Justin’s hobbies with his friends are pheasant hunting, duck and deer hunting. He also hog hunts and goes trout fishing. Justin goes camping. He likes to grill dinner and I have seen him do gourmet cooking indoors.
Justin takes his children to the zoo, the bird sanctuary , playgrounds, the beac, sleigh riding and reads them books. He is a fun daddy to his children.
Justin is no ordinary father. This country father should not be overlooked. He is in style with good solid things like honesty and trust and caring about people. It is qualities like his that keep us aware of who we are and what we can give to life. His influence and his example, his selflessness and his love. A man has to be present to be a good father.
Justin has good morals. Someone like him is hard to find these days. Good humor, good discipline, decent role model. The holidays are the best time of the year. The family comes together, and neighbors and friends all share in the festivities.
Justin always helps anyone he can. He helped me install my hot water heater. He keeps my computer in good maintenance. Justin sets a good example. He loves the country. He is a country father.
A father’s work is never done. Justin D. Polacek is a senior electronics technician at the St. Louis Science Center located in St. Louis, Missouri.
For the past fifteen years Justin has been devoted to his job. Justin keeps the displays running and operating properly for the thousands of visitors that come to visit the Science Center each year. He keeps the big dinosaur T-Rex roaring for visitors to enjoy. He also works on the projector at the omnimax theater and in the planetarium.
Justin is a member of the Monroe County organization Clifftopp. He enjoys Conservation. He enjoys Caves, he enjoys the trails clifftop sponsors. He volunteers preserving nature that clifftop promotes. He is a hard working country father of the year.