Illinois country father of the year.

Eddie (Pete) Higgs

Nominated by Mary Beth his Grandchild

Eddie (Pete) Higgs is from Shelby Electric Cooperative

For more than 18 years our grandpa used to travel several miles to watch my younger sisters (LeAnn and Katy) and myself play our sporting events. Our Best Supporting fain in our lives would be Grandpa Pete or Eddie (pete) Higgs who does everything for us. He always encourages us to play our best. Each time he drove to Paris from Altamont it would be close to 150 miles round trip. During the summer softball league, my games didn’t start until 8:10 which made it extremely late for our grandparents. No matter what sport, where it was or the weather- they always tried to be there. Until Grandpa had his first stroke, he was always driving, but after he had another stroke, grandma took over. Through grade school, high school and summer activities my sisters and I were involved in (Basketball, Softball, Volleyball and Track). Our Grandparents traveled to many tournaments and several state games all over Illinois. After graduation- my sister LeAnn continued sports as a superstar shot putter at Miliken Univresity, which Grandpa attended every chance he had and when his health allowed him. She broke both the indoor and outdoor records and if grandpa couldn’t be there, he would call to see how she had done. He loved to brag about how good she was, and bought her, her first car.
Thanks for giving me this chance to tell you about our favorite grandpa, who always made us feel better after a bad game. He didn’t have to drive those miles every year, but it made us happy to see him and we enjoyed talking to them before and after games and if we needed help with school supplies or sports equipment, Grandpa came to our rescue.
Thank you grandpa for being our grandpa and for always being there, and for always being here now.