Illinois country father of the year.

Marty Lehman

Nominated by Linda L Lane his Mother in Law

Marty Lehman is from Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives

I am nominating my son-in-law Marty Lehman. When my daughter and Marty married she had a 2 year old daughter which Marty accepted into his heart. They had two daughters together and you would never know any different.
They took 2 nieces in for two years and eventually became parents to two of his wife’s great nephews from time they were babies. The boys absolutely adore both of them and boys call them Mom and Dad.
I feel it takes a very kind heart with lots of love to take on added responsibilities. Marty and his wife are very active with boys as they were with their 3 girls. Their girls showed sheep, hogs and raise them for show hogs. They have touched alot of other youn 4-H’s with their hogs they sell. They also raise cattle.
Marty is head of hog set-ups announcing and etc at small shows and Fulton Cnty Fair.
Mart is a high school graduate – veteran of Navy for 4 years – works for Comcast and always gets calls from older folks who are having trouble – never tells them no – goes and fixes. Is very good to me.
I feel anyone who has a heart big enough for giving children a home – guiding them through life by giving of his time – support to help make them better citizens deserves a reward and be acknowledged.