Illinois country father of the year.

Charles L Rains

Nominated by Wanda L Harding his employee (caregiver)

Charles L Rains is from Norris Electric Cooperative

I would like to tell you about an amazing man. He deserves to be Father of the Year. No I’m not his daughter, I’m his caregiver. I’ve worked for the Rains for going on 3 years. He is a very good husband, Father, grandpa and great grandpa and very humble.
He was born in Hutsonville Il on Jun 3, 1941. While going to school he helped farm for his Uncle and a neighbor. After graduating in 1959 he joined the Army. His mother didn’t know about it untill the recruiting officer came to pick him up. Basic training was at For Lenardwood he went on to Germany.
When he came home in 1962 he went to work for Refinery Transport. He met and married the love of his life Zelpha May Crabtree on March 24th, 1963. They lived in West Union. He was working for Gravel Pit North of Palestine. They then moved to RR#1 Box 110 Robinson Il. They started their family. Charlie went to work for CIPS and farmed 40 acres. He also had pigs, cattle, chickens, goats and horses.
When his first daughter Julia was going to turn one, they were going to have a fish fry. But their was a big snow storm so it go canceled. They were out of milk so Charlie rode the horse to town to get some. Zelpha was really worried because they go 8 inches of snow and there were some big drifts. Now that’s a great father. After Julia came Amy, David, and Tim. After buying 40 acres he kept buying more farm ground. He bought his mothers land from his brothers Wayne and Emitt.
Charlie worked for CIPS for 33 years. He then retired and became Lay Pastor in 2000. He took good care of his family and animals. He was a Pastor at White Oaks Church in Oblong for 9 and a half years. He even ran fro Crawford County Sheriff. But it was a close defeat. He also ran for County Board and won in 2006. He had his first stroke Sept 27th, 2006. The stress was really hard on him, but he kept going. His term was coming up and he was re-elected for 2012. But then Charlie had his second stroke Sept 21. So he had to give up his seat on the board. He was put in a nursing home were he had to learn it all over again.
Charlie go an honorable discharge in 1965 and worked for 33 years for CIPS, and he was the first Union man to go to management. His family has followed in his footsteps. Julia is a school teacher her huband Doug works at St. Mary Hospital in Decatur sitting up computers and he referees baseball, basketball and volleyball. Amy is also a teacher and her husband John is a doctor at CMH. David works for DOC for 25 years and just made Warden. His wife Carmen works at Robinson First Savings Bank. And they all have 3 kids a piece. Then theres Tim he has worked at Marathon Refinery for over 10 years. His wife Jamie is a psychologist for the School District and the have 2 sons and they also farm.
They always have family get togethers, birthdays, holidays or get together to eat at Charlie and Zelpha’s. Charlie has instilled good values in all of them. They are all hard workers.
Charlie and Zelpha has given land to each child. Julia and Amy built new homes. David bought the house that he grew up in. He lives next door to Charlie and Zelpha. If you asked me, I think Charlie planned it that way so they all live close to one another. So good job Charlie. Because Time lives in the middle of them all. I can come to work having a bad day and Charlie can have me laughing. I love my job.