Illinois country father of the year.

Richard Reed

Nominated by Jeff Miller his Son (Stepson)

Richard Reed is from Illinois Rural Electric Cooperative

I would like to nominate my step-dad Rick Reed for Father of the Year. A man that owns a trucking company and a farm so he stays busy all year long. Throughout being busy he will manage to take the time to talk and do things with all of his kids, if its advice they are seeking or just want to hang out. There are others that call him dad and grandpa that just need someone that they can feel connected too.
My dad has been in my life since the end of 2003. I was 12 years old when he took my mom out on their first date on New Year’s Eve. Being a kid and skeptical about a strange man taking my mother out. When I saw the smile on my mom’s face made me know that she had found a great man. The more and more that they were together he had showed me what a true man was, and what a father should be. Not even being his biological son, he took my brother, two sisters and me in and treated us as if we were his own kids form day one.
When my mom and Rick married I gained more siblings. With being one out of nine siblings that calls him dad, he has showed nothing but love and support in all we do. He has taught me many things in life that most people wouldn’t learn in these days. From hunting, fishing, respect and work ethics to teaching my brothers and me how to work on our own vehicles. He has showed us how to enjoy nature and provide for our families. One thing that I learned quickly from my dad was that, when I said I was going to do something, I meant it. Not only was it to be respectful, but to show him that I could be someone that he can count on.
There are many memories that I have which includes my dad of twelve years. From my first bear hunt to learning how to drive, but the best memories is when I make him proud to be his son. When one of my sisters, had gotten in a bad car accident over three years ago, my dad never gave up on her. When most parents wouldn’t stand up to the doctors my dad did by convincing the doctors to give her better treatment. When the doctors told my dad and mom that she would never walk again, they kept pushing her to get stronger. She may not be able to walk yet, but with the help of my dad, she gets closer and closer every day.
For not being my biological father, he has been the inspirational father figure that makes me happy to call him my dad. With a lot of fathers being nominated for this honor, he won’t just be a Father of the Year this year or the next, because every since 2003 he is always Father of the Year for me. Rick can be called by many names from friends to family, but for me and my brothers and sisters there is only one name that is perfect, and that is Dad. We all love him.