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Illinois Country Living magazine is published monthly by the Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives (AIEC). The magazine covers rural issues, and provides commentaries from Illinois leaders, columns on safety, health, energy conservation, gardening, a calendar of events, and of course, the ever popular recipes from Illinois’ best country cooks.

The magazine’s job is to help electric cooperatives communicate with their consumer-members who own the local electric utility. We’ve been doing this for more than 71 years. Magazines like Illinois Country Living do a good job of communicating because they tend to stay in the home longer than bill stuffers or newsletters, thus increasing readership.

Thanks to the 19 Illinois electric cooperatives that provide Illinois Country Living magazine to their members, we have the largest circulation of any monthly publication in downstate Illinois.

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Illinois Country Living Staff

Vice President of Communications/Editor:
Valerie Cheatham

Assistant Editor:
Colten Bradford

Creative Services Manager:
Chris Reynolds

Graphic Designers:
Kathy Feraris
Jen Danzinger

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