Illinois country father of the year.

Ronald Lohman

Nominated by Jody Heppner his Daughter

Ronald Lohman is from Jo-Carroll Energy, Inc. (NFP)

A blessed, hardworking man who love the Lord, his family, and his job. That is my father, Ron Lohman. My dad is a second generation farmer. He grew up helping his father farm.
When I was younger, we had a big hog operation. My dad would always be busy making sure the day to day farm operation was running smoothly. In the spring and fall, my dad would be busy planting and harvesting his crops.

My dad has been an awesome example of selfless giving. I can remember as a small child my father always helping others. I remember him hiring men that had been laid off their jobs to help on the farm. These men often had families to provide for. He would also help pay the utility bills of our neighbor women who were single mothers that had fallen on hard times. I also remember delivering groceries to them, too. My family was never wealthy by any means, but we never went without. That simple act of giving made a great impact on my brother and me.

My dad is a very wise man. The one thing that I have learned, is when I want advice I go see my dad. He is great with personal, professional, and financial advice. He has always been there to support and help my family.

A year ago, my dad was getting increasingly tired. After several tests, he was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome. It is a form of bone marrow cancer. The hardest part in dealing with this diagnosis is that he can’t be out working on the farm like he used to. He is now taking treatments every six weeks. Through this unexpected diagnosis our family has really pulled together to help out. This past harvest season we weren’t sure what to expect. We weren’t sure if my dad was going to be able to be out in the fields. He was bound and determined though, that he was going to combine. I live next door, and every morning I would look over and see my dad in his plaid shirt, jeans, and suspenders carrying his lunchbox and heading out to harvest. What an impression that made on my heart! Even though he is battling cancer is not going to let that stop him from doing what he loves. Farming! The thing that really touched my heart though, was that same man that my dad had hired all those years ago, when he was laid off, was there to help! He would come and take over combining when dad would get too tired. What a testament to loyalty and friendship!
I must say that my dad has amazed me! Even though life has thrown some unexpected circumstances at him, his attitude has been amazing. I don’t see him feeling sorry for himself. He still gets up every morning and make the most of the day that God has blessed him with. I would love to see him get Father of the Year, because he is an incredible man!