Illinois country father of the year.

Leroy H. Jones

Nominated by Anne M Schilling his Daughter

Leroy H. Jones is from Rock Energy Cooperative

I’m nominating my father, Leroy H Jones. He’s a Korean War veteran, retired over the road truck driver, married for 62 years to my mom and father of 5.
He’s worked very hard all of his life. He’s showed me how to work hard, be respectful and to never give up!. He’s definitely my Hero!!
I’m a single mom and my father has helped me out so many times with my kids. Especially, my son Grant. He is the reason my son tries hard every day at everything he does, he tries to be like his Grandpa Jones. My dad was born December 7, 1930, he’s 85 years old. He still drives, does his own yard work and assists my mom with daily chores. He’s a Korean War Veteran. He doesn’t like to speak of those times, it’s very hard on him to speak of all that he went through during those years.
He’s all about family and friends, even though many have passed away. I saw my father and mother care for my Grandpa and Grandma Jones. He inspired me so much that I became a Certified nurses assistant 22 years ago. I have take care of many people over the years. I owe everything that I have become to my Pop!
I’m the youngest of the 5 of his kids. I’m thankful everyday to still have my Hero! In my career I’ve seen many people lose their parents, and it just reminds me how I am truly blessed. I could go on for days about my father. He appreciates everything. He’s always amazed at how many people know and love him. He has definitely made his mark in this world. He is a very humble man. He has always been a positive role model for all of us kids.
This part of my story is very hard for me to share. My Pop is a proud man and doesn’t like to show how big his heart really is to just anybody.
A year ago my mom had some health issues. She was hospitalized for a long period of time. She had several strokes. I’ve seen my dad be so strong, but this was a very difficult time for everyone. My mom came through the surgery and thank the good Lord, doctors and nurses. She’s doing Great!
My father was there at the hospital everyday. I truly believe that my mom pulled through because my dad was there by her side everyday!
I’ve never seen my dad so vulnerable in my life and pray that I never have to winess it again!
My Dad and mom give each other a kiss every night before going to bed. They know that tomorrow is never promised! When they wake up each morning they kiss again, because they’re blessed to have another day together. I may never find my “Mr. Right.” because he would have to fill some really big shoes! I’m sure you will recieve many entries of fine men that are dserving of this honor. I feel my father is the “Best Man” for this honor! I would love to see the proud look on his face, because I don’t know how much longer that we’ll get to keep him.