Illinois country father of the year.

Terry Braden

Nominated by Karen Braden his Wife

Terry Braden is from Southern Illinois Electric Cooperative

Terry was raised on a farm in Tennessee and came from a large family of 15. He worked on the farm with his dad but really loved helping his momma in the kitchen. His love for cooking continued as he became a cook for the Army and still loves cooking today.
Terry had a son and a daughter who live in Tennessee and I have 2 daughters who live close by. Together we have 7 wonderful grand kids. As I looked upon the definition of a Father, I realized just about any man can be a dad, but it takes a special person to be a Father. A Father is defined as:
1) a respectful mode of address for a distinguished example.
2) one who performs the office of a parent by maintenance, affectionate care, counsil or protection.
While a dad is simply defined as: a male parent

When we got married 11 years ago, my biggest fear was worrying about the role Terry would play as a step Father. My girls had been through some tough times and the last thing they needed was someone pretending to be their dad. It didn’t take long tho, my girls fell in love with him as much as I had. They respected and adored him as if he was their biological Father. He was there helping to get the first care, walking my youngest down the aisle, being the first one there when they were in accidents.
Terry had a special way with animals too. He reminds me of Dr. Dolittle. It’s like the animals trust him and know he’s there to help them. Once I seen a wild rabbit jump into his arms. When he sees an animal that’s in need he always finds a way to help them.
We currently have 7 rescued dogs. Terry cares for them like they were his kids. While others use their tax return on vacations, Terry uses ours to pay for the dogs yearly meds and up keep.
Terry is a great craftsman, mechanic, farmer, carpenter and more. He can do just about anything he puts his mind to and God uses him in a mighty way to help others. Since he has retired, he spends his time taking care of our grand kids, his animals and daily helping others. He insists upon cooking for my whole family every Sunday. He reminds me, we need to enjoy our family while they’re still around. Since my dad died 2 years ago, Terry has been right by my momma’s side. She knows he’s no more than a phone call away whether she has a flat tire or a opossum gets under he trailor.
There is NO way I can tell you in 500 words just how special my husband is. He’s always helping fiends, family or neighbors. He has a super soft spot for kids, animals and widows. He is active in church and unselfishly helps others any way he can.
So, when you look at the definition of a Father, it should also say “Terry Braden.”
He’s been the perfect Father, Husband, Paw Paw, Neighbor and Friend that anyone could ask for.
No one deserves this nomination more than he does. I can never repay him for all he’s done for my girls and me. Please help me vote Terry Braden the Father of the Year.