Illinois country father of the year.

Brent J. Ufkes

Nominated by Ashley Darbyshire his father

Brent J. Ufkes is from Western Illinois Electrical Coop.

My dad, Brent J. Ufkes, was born into traditions: faith, family, and farming. Raised in the country his seasons were filled with activities. Spring: planting, Summer: 4-H; Fall: harvest, and Winter: calving. He led by example and demonstrated values of hard work, dedication, and prosperity.
His knowledge of agriculture was not only what he knew, it was what he loved. His grandfather, Henry J. Ufkes, introduced him to the world of livestock and show cattle. Although my dad was proud of the many awards and ribbons he received, what he cherished most was the life lessons his grandfather instilled into him. These principles are now being passed down to my siblings and his grandsons, Holton and Owen.
Dad is a member of the 4-H Hall of Fame. He has served as Hancock County Beef Superintendent and chair of Hancock County Extension Council and Extension Youth Committee. Not to mention receiving Cattleman of the Year in years past. Dad was also instrumental in establishing the 4-H livestock auction in Hancock County, giving the money raised back to the showman.
Dad is currently serving as Carthage Elementary School Board president. His goal is not only to better the education for current students but to ensure there is a solid foundation of instruction and financial status for his grandkids who will soon be entering the school system.
Dad has never acted in a way that would only benefit him. His involvement in a variety of areas has always been to better serve others. Over the years he has taught us many ways to provide. Not only does he co-run the family business, Cattleland Corporation Inc, he also runs an auction business with his father, Jack Ufkes, Ufkes Auctions. Over the years dad has been in the seed and bull semen industries. Always finding ways to better provide for his family, yet expand in the areas in which he loves.
Along with my mom, Angie, they have raised their children, Ashley, Austin, and Addison with love and faith. They taught us the importance of going to church on Sunday, placing money in offering plate, and saying a prayer at night. Dad has been involved on church council in a variety of ways over many years.
My dad has been the biggest supporter from the time sports and 4-H started until now and he still continues to be our biggest fan through our lifes’ journey: college, marriage, grandkids, etc. His involvement within the community brings tough issues but he always keeps future generations in mind. I can’t think of a more deserving man than my dad to receive this award. He is a selfless man and a great role-model from his hard work to his dedication and support of his family.