Christmas buys for your tech gals and guys

It’s December. All gifts are purchased, wrapped and hidden, just waiting for that special someone. If you are like me, that isn’t even close to reality! Still looking for the perfect gift for that tech junkie in your life? Here are a few items to consider.

3D printer

There are many options of 3D printers, and prices can range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. Last year, I decided to give 3D printing a try and to my surprise it was relatively inexpensive to get started. I was able to produce high quality prints in no time at all. If you know someone who enjoys building things and likes to understand how things work, this may be the perfect gift. The Ender 3 Pro is a budget friendly 3D printer that comes as a kit you build yourself.

Record player

Vinyl is back! I have noticed turntables appearing in several big box stores along with an assortment of classic records. Opening an album cover and physically touching the medium on which the music lives is something that few people under 40 understand – removing the vinyl from its protective cover, placing it on the turntable while gently situating the needle on the record, anticipating that familiar scratch sound. The experience is much more than clicking play on your favorite digital playlist.


A drone, also known as an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or quadcopter, is a piece of technology that is appealing on many different levels and useful in more than one way. They are well known for their stunning aerial video shots creating a professional cinematic look for even the novice content creator. A growing number find excitement in First Person View (FPV) flying where a pilot wears a pair of special goggles with a live, real time video feed from the UAS. You can buy a pre-built FPV drone, but they are often sold in do-it-yourself kits requiring assembly. DJI has cornered the market when it comes to aerial cinematography and has several options to choose from. If you are looking for serious action and that feeling of flying in the cockpit, visit to check out different available kits.

Action camera

Wherever you are, you can usually spot someone wearing an action camera. These little cameras are small and light to be worn comfortably in any environment. They may be valuable to anyone looking to capture exciting moments. My three sons are avid dirt bike riders and it’s exciting to see video captured from the action cameras on their helmets. This first-person view offers a different perspective from what a bystander can capture. GoPro has some of the highest quality action cameras available with image stabilization and a 360-degree model to capture everything happening around you. DJI offers the Action 2 camera, which provides a modular, magnetic camera at a reasonable price.

Apple towel

While this isn’t technology in the traditional sense, it may be the perfect gift for that Apple fan. The cloth is touted by Apple to be compatible with more than 88 specific Apple devices from smartphones to laptops. Yes, it is just a towel to wipe off your screen, but it has a fancy apple logo on it! Apple claims it is made with proprietary technology to be the most high-tech towel ever created. It is about 5×6 inches and costs about $20 if you can find one in stock.