Co-ops applaud President’s signing new water heater efficiency legislation

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) CEO Jo Ann Emerson thanked President Barack Obama for signing into law a new efficiency standard for large-capacity water heaters deployed in demand response programs. Emerson also welcomed the Senate and House focusing on additional energy efficiency legislation.

“Co-ops have been in the business of saving members money for decades and this new standard keeps important programs going at more than 250 electric cooperatives. We sincerely thank the President for signing this ­legislation. It allows important demand response programs to ­continue saving consumers hundreds of millions of dollars,” Emerson said. “Demand response and energy efficiency programs – ones that reduce energy consumption, save money and help integrate renewable energy into the grid – should find easy agreement on Capitol Hill. We continue to strongly encourage Congress to keep working together. This type of legislation makes a difference to the folks at the end of the power lines, the ones who pay the bills and most importantly, the ones who keep our economy going. Please help them save money and energy.”