Don’t miss your co-op’s annual meeting

Did you know that every cooperative is required to conduct an annual meeting? The purpose is to hold the election for the board of directors, share important financial information and occasionally vote on other matters, such as bylaw changes.

This month marks the start of the annual meeting season in Illinois with Norris Electric Cooperative’s, which will be held on Feb. 24. While most annual meetings occur in the summer, some do take place in the spring and fall. Some are held at outdoor venues, others in auditoriums, schools or churches, and some are hosted right at the co-op’s headquarters. Regardless of the location, be sure to plan to attend your co-op’s annual meeting.

While annual meetings are designed to take care of important co-op business, equally important is the business of building a real sense of community. An annual meeting is a community gathering where members can meet new neighbors or catch up with old acquaintances. Very few organizations are uniquely positioned like electric cooperatives to bring together members of the community.

The annual meeting is also an opportunity for employees of the electric cooperative to spend time with the members they serve. As each co-op navigates change in the coming years, hearing from the membership is essential for moving into the future.

For those wondering if their opinion makes a difference, know that it does. Gaining guidance and perspective from the membership helps set priorities for the co-op and guide future decisions. At annual meetings, issues are raised for voting consideration by the membership, and it’s a time for members to vote on the co-op’s board of directors.
Every electric cooperative’s annual meeting is different. During these meetings, there may be meals, live entertainment, bucket truck rides, activities for kids and so much more. If you have never attended an annual meeting or if it has been a few years, take the time to be with your fellow co-op members. After all, your electric cooperative is connected to you by more than just power lines.

Each electric cooperative in Illinois has a core purpose and mission to provide safe, reliable and affordable power. As a member of your community and of your electric cooperative, exercise the benefits of your co-op membership and plan to attend your annual meeting.