Free recycling program for agrichemicals begins in July

RecycleHeadingC0711_V_v_C_YThe Illinois Department of Agriculture is encouraging ­farmers and agri­chemical ­facilities to save their empty agrichemical containers. The department announced it has arranged to recycle them.

Beginning at the end of July and continuing in August, sites throughout the state will collect containers. The ­containers will be recycled to make shipping pallets, fence posts, ­drainage ­tubing, plastic lumber and other ­useful products.

“This program offers farmers and agrichemical ­facilities a ­convenient oppor­tunity to ­dispose of empty ­pesticide ­containers and demonstrate their environ­mental stewardship,” Agriculture Director Philip Nelson said. “I would encourage them to gather any containers they may have been planning to throw in the garbage and take them to the nearest collection site.”

Metal and household ­pesticide ­containers are not eligible for the recycling program. Collection sites will accept only high-density ­polyethylene, #2 plastic, ­agrichemical containers that are clean and dry. Participants are responsible for rinsing them and removing all caps, labels, booklets and foil seals.

To obtain a free brochure about the program, call the Illinois Department of Agriculture toll free at 800-641-3934