Help build the future of housing in Illinois

As our communities change, our housing needs and preferences change too. While some housing needs are common throughout Illinois, many others are tied to the unique conditions of life in urban, suburban and rural communities. To understand and address these varied needs, the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) is creating a Housing Blueprint: a new statewide plan that aims to understand and meet the housing needs of communities across our state, both now and in the future.

IHDA is committed to creating a plan that is inclusive of and relevant to all residents across our state, and the agency is encouraging all residents to complete a Statewide Resident Survey to share their perspectives and recommendations for the future. What do homes in your community look like today? What is there a need for in the future? What goals would you like your community to achieve in the years ahead? The survey is short, anonymous and your responses will help to shape the goals and strategies included in the Housing Blueprint.

Through this plan, IHDA hopes to support every Illinois community in their efforts to attract economic growth, create jobs, expand housing choice and provide the type of development residents prefer. Please help IHDA raise the voices of all Illinoisans by taking the survey and sharing it throughout your community.

Learn more and make an impact by taking the survey at

Source: IHDA