Doug Rye

Doug Rye is a nationally recognized energy consultant helping people from New York to L.A. lower their utility bills by as much as 50%. He is commonly referred to as the “King of Caulk and Talk” and the “Roy Rogers of Energy” because he’s an expert in the home energy conservation field.

Doug’s humorous, but straight to the point, fashion cuts to the core and leaves “no stone unturned” when talking about energy efficiency like no other ‘guru’ does.

Doug’s advice can be applied to any home, new or existing, anywhere in America. And probably anywhere in the world!

He is a leading consultant in all aspects of energy efficiency including: home insulation practices, energy efficient heating and air, water heaters, caulking, air infiltration, and attic insulation.

Doug Rye can be heard on several different Illinois radio stations. You can go to Doug Rye’s Web site at, e-mail him using the contact form below, or call 501-653-7931.

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Infrared Doug Rye
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