NRECA offering teachers Mini-Grant Program

Ten teachers in rural parts of the U.S. will be the recipient of $500 to be used during the 2012-2013 school year for student-based projects, offered through the Mini-Grant Program, sponsored by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

Any rural teacher K-12 whose school or community is served by a rural electric cooperative, or whose students are served by a rural electric cooperative, may apply. All applications will be considered.

Criteria for awards will be based on the following:

  • A project design that demonstrates cooperation between students;
  • Appropriateness for age and grade levels;
  • A project design that encourages a high level of student involvement;
  • A project design that indicates coordination with your local Rural Electric Cooperative;
  • A project design that focuses on student learning;
  • Overall quality of the application and adherence to grant guidelines.

An eligible project should feature an investigation of the science of energy or electricity. Project ideas could include a study of the local geology, the history of hydroelectric generation in your community, or alternative sources of energy for the next generation. The project should be limited only by the imagination of your students and the resources you have available. Deadline is July 15.

For complete application/proposal instructions, please visit