Sow seeds of safety this planting season

Whether you’ve been through 30 planting seasons or three, be alert to the dangers of working near overhead power lines. You and anyone working or doing business on your farm should know and follow electrical safety precautions to avoid potential hazards.

When near power lines, poles and other utility equipment:

  • Maintain a 10-foot clearance in all directions.
  • Realize that electricity can arc/jump when equipment is too close.
  • Be aware of increased height when loading and transporting.
  • Designate preplanned routes that avoid potential hazards.
  • When approaching or in the field, use a spotter and deploy flags.
  • Before exiting the cab, look up to ensure proper clearance of all equipment.
  • Lower extensions to the lowest setting before moving loads.
  • Never attempt to raise or move a power line to clear a path.
  • Contact your electric cooperative if you think a pole or line may have been damaged.

If your equipment does come in contact with a power line or other utility equipment, do not exit the cab. Instead, call 911 and wait until utility workers say it is safe to exit.

If you are in imminent danger (e.g., equipment is on fire) and need to exit the cab, make a solid, clean jump out of the cab and hop with both feet together as far away as possible.

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