Voices for cooperative power

America’s energy system is going through a fundamental transformation – and much of the focus in Washington is on large utilities in urban areas. Our electric cooperatives are fundamentally different.

Now more than ever, we need to make our voices heard in conversations about energy policies that impact not only our co-op services, but the communities we call home.

Electric co-ops play a special role in the fabric of our energy infrastructure. As not-for-profit energy providers owned by their members, our co-ops are responsive to our communities in ways that larger utility companies can’t match. Our experience is important: electric co-ops provide power to more than 42 million people nationwide. Voices for Cooperative Power (VCP) gives us a gathering place to tell our stories and influence policy decisions that affect us in personal and meaningful ways.

Whether you live in a busy suburb or the most rural parts of America, your co-op is closely aligned with the needs of your family and neighbors. Energy affordability and reliability mean different things to different communities – consumer-members living in the most remote corners of America have a different set of challenges than members living in more populated areas.

We all know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to energy policies. Factors, like access to broadband and affordability in persistent poverty areas, require flexible solutions that empower local co-ops to serve their people best. The same is true for energy security and dependability. Diversifying energy sources, collaborating on new technologies, and balancing progress with affordability and access are important co-op priorities that VCP advocates for on the state and federal level.

The elections ushered in a power transition on all levels of government that will shape energy conversations for the next four years. As we work with the new administration, we will continue to champion commonsense policy solutions that reflect the needs of co-op members and the communities we call home. Putting a face on America’s electric cooperatives has never been more important. We look forward to working together to ensure our electric co-ops – and our communities – have a bright future.

Speaking up on issues that impact electric co-ops sends a message to elected officials about the needs of our communities – and their constituencies. VCP gives a platform to talk about the many ways your electric co-op supports your community. Beyond delivering electricity, co-ops provide jobs, stability and economic growth – all while ensuring that energy affordability and reliability remain foundational advantages of electric co-op membership.

VCP makes it easy to have a say in energy policy decisions that impact you. Participants can customize their experience by choosing the issues most important to them, including broadband, energy efficiency, renewable energy and rural development.

Consumer-members will receive updates on those issues and information on how to contact Congress and federal agencies on proposed legislation or regulations.

“The most important voices to members of Congress are their constituents, and we want to make sure that consumer-members that care most about their communities and their co-ops are carrying their message to Congress,” says Patrick Ahearn, NRECA’s director of political affairs.

Visit voicesforcooperativepower.com to get involved.