What is Co-ops Vote?

America’s Electric Cooperatives understand what’s important to our homes and our communities, and we understand that registering to vote and voting in every election is vital to protecting our way of life.

Co-ops Vote is a non-partisan campaign focused on enhancing the political strength of electric cooperatives through relationship building and voter engagement. The main goal of the campaign is to boost voter turnout in cooperative areas, making sure that our consumer-members exercise one of their most basic rights – the right to vote. Working in collaboration with states and local co-ops, this effort educates and engages candidates and voters on important issues like expanding broadband coverage throughout rural America, ensuring continued access to reliable electricity and promoting the work of co-ops within the communities they serve.

The program is important because we must elect public officials who identify with America’s electric cooperatives and will vote to support the issues important to 42 million electric cooperative consumer-members across the nation. Electric cooperatives are a trusted resource in the communities we serve. For more information visit vote.coop.

Are you registered to vote?