2015 Recipe Contest Submissions

Hyla’s Marshmallow Carmel Balls


1 Bag of Marshmallows
1 Can of Condensed Milk
1 Bag of Caramels – unwrap each one
1 TBS Amish Vanilla
1/2 Stick Real Butter
1 Box of Rice Krispies


Melt the butter, caramels, vanilla and condensed milk in a non-stick pan on low heat.
Take a fork and dip each marshmallow into the caramel mixture and then roll in the rice krispies.
Place on a cookie trap or non-stick surface until hardened.

Oh, are these ever wonderful!!!! You can also keep them in the refrigerator if you like them cold.

Cathy L Conder

This recipe came from my late Aunt Hyla and was always a favorite each holiday.
The memories or her will always be attached to this wonderful recipe and we enjoy
making these today for our family. My daughter loves to take them to the girls at
dance class as well and are they ever a big hit! Enjoy!!!!!