2015 Recipe Contest Submissions

Nana’s Old Fashioied Peanut Butter Fudge


2/3 cup – cocoa
3 cups – sugar
1/4 tsp. – salt
1 & 1/2 cups – milk
1/2 stick unsalted butter
1 tsp – vanilla extract (real, not imitation)
1 cup – peanut butter (can be smooth or crunchy)


1. Combine cocoa, sugar, milk and salt.
2. Cook on high heat, being careful not to burn. Stir constantly until hardball stage (when dropped into cold water, the chocolate mixture turns into a hardball or keeps its ball shape).
3. When hardball stage is achieved, add butter and vanilla, while constantly stirring.
4. As mixture starts to thicken, add peanut butter and whip really fast. Mixture will automatically start to get hard.
5. Quickly turn out onto a pre-greased tin or glass fudge pan, and smooth out while slightly warm.
6. Let cook for a few hours, then cover.
7. Cut and enjoy!!!

Diane Dean

To me, she was my Godmother, but Carolyn (Tuddie) Mullis was Mom to some, Nana or Aunt Tuddie to others, and friend to all. Everyone was welcome at her table, and at holidays. This recipe, passed down to her by her mother, has been a part of our extended family’s Christmas traditions for as long as I can remember. Nana was called home to Heaven several years ago, and we honor her memory every year with this treasured candy. (One grandchild paid for living expenses at college, making and selling this fudge!)