2015 Recipe Contest Submissions

Honey Carmel’s


1/3 C.Honey, 1.25 C. Sugar, 2/3 C.Light Corn Syrup,10 oz. Cream, 2 TBLS. Butter, 1/4 TSP. Salt and 1 TSP. Vanilla.


In a 3 qt sauce pan over medium heat, put the Sugar, Honey , Corn Syrup and 1/2 of Cream in the pot. Stir until mixture boils and then add rest of Cream, Butter and Salt. Return to boil. Cook until thermometer reaches 244-246 degrees or until mixture is thick and forms a ball in cold water. Remove from heat and stir until it stops boiling, then add Vanilla stirring it in. Pour in to a Parchment lined 8X8 or 9×9 or 9X13 pan. Cool completely and cut into pieces and wrap in wax paper

Jerry Daugherty

Everybody loves this recipe, I got it from my Mother. She is gone now but it is special to us, and reminds us of her love of Christmas.