2015 Recipe Contest Submissions

Peanut Butter Balls


2 Sticks Oleo- softened
4 C Peanut Butter
2 lb. Bag Powdered Sugar
6 C Rice Crispies
12 oz. Chocolate Chips
6 oz. Butterscotch Chips
3 T Paraffin


Mix together oleo and peanut butter. Add the powdered sugar and mix well. Add Rice Crispies last. (I use gloved hands to mix at the end). Roll into balls and chill.
Melt together the chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and paraffin and dip the peanut butter balls in melted mixture. Use low heat and stir often. Place on cookie sheet with wax paper to chill and set. When set, store in airtight container.
(I double the chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and paraffin – makes it easier for dipping.)

Marilyn Brown

I make a lot of candy during the holidays, but this is a family favorite! The creamy/crunchy peanut butter filling with the chocolate coating and a hint of butterscotch is delicious. When my kids were still living at home, I would have to hide them so they wouldn’t eat them all before the holidays.